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Hello, I'm the Prairie View Woman


For the longest time I have wanted to start a blog, but fear has been holding me back.  What if what I want to say no one will care about? What if my grammar is atrocious? What if its all a fail?

Recently, I feel like I have started to have a "stick it to the world attitude."  Who cares what everyone else thinks? My goal for this outlet is for me to be able just to have a chat with you. To be able to get out the feelings I have, the ideas that go on in my head, experiences that seem to only happen to me. So without further to do...

Hi! I'm Kayla.  Above everything else, I am a daughter of the one true King, a wife to the best husband imaginable, Woody, and mother of my 2 precious girls Sadie (2.5) and Saige (1.5).  My husband and I got married in August of 2013, and once we got home from our honeymoon we started our feed and supply company, Prairie View.  We also own and operate a 60 head Simmental and Angus cattle company, and our most recent adventure is starting a boer goat herd.  It is a crazy zoo over here, but as my mom always says, "These are my monkeys, and this is my circus!"

My hope for this blog is to just share my life, pretty plain and simple I guess.  I hope is to share tips and tricks for livestock, parenting and mom life, and daily life of being a wife, business owner, and mom.  If you ever have a question, shoot me a comment or message.  Follow me on Instagram @theprairieviewwoman

Thanks for stopping by!