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Final Force Paylean 5lb


Product Description

When it comes to designing new and novel feed supplement formulations, Premier Nutrition is clearly leading the way in the livestock show feed industry. We pride ourselves on interpreting new technologies (like Paylean™) and providing this in a convenient and cost effective feed supplement. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to the newest and MOST Revolutionary member of our winning product team, Final Forxce. It is the first product of its kind to combine Ractopamine HCl (Paylean™), L-Carnitine, and Chromium Tri-picolinate all in one complete package. Final Forxce’s formula is precisely engineered to provide maximum support for protein synthesis and lean muscle growth to help ensure your animals express their full genetic potential.

Final Forxce's formula is built around ractopamine (Paylean) technology. The level of ractopamine included inFinal Forxce is research derived. When evaluating Paylean™ research two things jump out. The optimal response in carcass characteristics is obtained at the 9 gram/ton level. Also, pigs fed this 9 g/ton level are lucky to eat 6 lb. of feed per day. Based on this information one can estimate the milligrams of ractopamine a pig needs daily. It appears for a maximum response pigs require up to 27 milligrams (9 g/ton of Paylean™ X 6 lbs of feed X 2000 lbs in a ton of feed = .027 grams X 1000 gives you 27 milligrams) of ractopamine provided by Paylean™ per day. Thus, by feeding 2 ounces of Final Forxce (along with 5.88 lb. of a 16% crude protein feed), pigs will receive this 27 milligrams of Paylean™


We recommend feeding our original Millennium product from 50 to 150 lbs to maximize muscle deposition through this important growing phase. One must still remember that between 70- 80% of the muscle present at show time on your pig will be developed during this period of growth. If you neglect this phase and wait until you can officially feed Final Forxce you will be missing a large part of the puzzle. After 150 lbs, we recommend switching to Final Forxce for the last 30 or so days before your show. Due to the potent products in Final Forxce, the amount used will depend upon how much muscle your pig already expresses. Please follow the below feeding directions. When mixing Final Forxce by the ton, please ensure Final Forxce is mixed with the appropriate amount of a finishing diet containing a minimum of 16% crude protein as shown below. For example, to obtain the 9 gram/ton level of ractopamine one must mix 2 ounces (56.70 grams) of Final Forxce with 5.88 lbs of a show pig feed (16% protein or higher). Please mix thoroughly before feeding.

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