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Vita Charge® Liquid Boost


Product Description

Vita Charge® Liquid Boost is a convenient liquid supplement ideal to use prior to or during stressful periods. Liquid Boost can be used in your animal's water bucket, used as a drench, ran through a medicator or top-dressed on feed. A unique liquid supplement, can be mixed with water, used as a drench, top-dressed on feed or administered via a medicator. Use during stress or on show day. Contains multiple prebiotics, electrolytes, niacin, vitamins and flavors to support digestive health and promote water and feed intake. Effective on all species! Available in 1 Liter. 


The Amaferm® advantage
Digestive tract microflora are sensitive to stress. Stress negatively affects the growth rates which slows digestive function and intake. Amaferm acts as a prebiotic supporting normal flora, significantly increasing nutrient digestion and growth rates during periods of stress.

Contains MOS
MOS further supports the animal’s ability to fight off stress by helping trap bad bacteria and ensuring that feed intake stays consistent at home and on the road.

Contains Vitamins, Niacin and electrolytes
Vitamins play an important role in supporting animal health. Niacin is a b-vitamin that promotes feed intake during stress. Electrolytes help animals maintain normal water balance at the cellular level.

What value does it have in the animal?
Prevention is the key when it comes to sickness. An animal that is eating and drinking is much less likely to get sick during periods of stress. In the showring an animal eating and drinking simply gives you an obvious advantage!


How it Works:

Includes Amaferm® a prebiotic that significantly increases nutrient digestion and growth rates during periods of stress. In addition, Liquid Boost also contains MOS, niacin, vitamins and electrolytes to drive increased feed and water intake and support digestive health. This product is suitable for all species of livestock and gives the producer flexibility on administration.

Feeding Recommendations: 
Feed for 5-7 days during transition periods or during times of high stress such as sickness, weaning, transportation or showing. Liquid Boost may be given orally as a drench, mixed in daily water (feeding rate can be added to one watering or spread out over the day as long as animal receives the total number of ounces recommended per day) or as a top dress on feed.

Rate of Consumption: 

  • Beef & Dairy: Over 400 lb: 3 oz. per head, per day
  • Calves under 400 lb: 1.5 oz. per head, per day
  • Sheep & Goats: Adult & Growing: 1 oz. per head, per day 
  • Lambs & Kids: 0.5 oz. per head, per day 
  • Swine: Over 270 lb: 5 oz. per head, per day 100 to 270 lb: 3.5 oz. per head, per day 50 to 99 lb: 2 oz. per head, per day Under 50 lb: 0.5 oz. per head, per day
  • Medicator: Use full strength as stock solution with medicator set at 1:128. This equals 1 oz. per gallon of water consumed.
  • Chickens & Rabbits: 1 oz. per gallon of drinking water
  • Horses: 8 oz. per head, per day
  • Dogs: 1 oz. per head, per day

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